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The Palace is an international network and non profit events company, that nurtures the development and interdisciplinary exchange of emerging artists. We run residencies, festivals, speciality events and creative projects from Berlin to Barcelona, the U.K. to the USA. 

Our ethos: contribute, collaborate & play

Upcoming events:

Applications open for The Palace Residency 2018 / 22nd January - 12th March

The Palace meets Bristol / 9th December 2017 

The Palace meets Leipzig / 26th January 2018

The Palace meets London / 10th February 2018

The Palace meets Berlin / 22nd February 2018

The Palace Residency, Piotrowice Nyskie, Poland / 16th - 23rd July 2018

The Palace International Film Festival, Poland / 16th - 22nd July 2018 

Aisne Festival, Bristol, UK July 2018, date tbc

The Palace Queer and Experimental Film Festival, Bristol, UK / date tbc