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Thea Hope
Managing Director and Founder

Originally trained in performance and a classical violinist, Thea has worked as actor, director and producer in theatre, in film production and casting, and within the fashion and event industries. When she’s not developing her own creative projects in Berlin, she’s the office manager for a management consultancy in London, oscillating between the two as she does with creativity and business. Being a jack of all trades has finally lead her to being the master of one, namely The Palace, which is her vision and a dream she intends to keep living. She takes the lead on PR and as artists liaison.

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Jordan Rolfe
Operations Director and Founder

Jordan is based in London and works for a social enterprise that develops people, charitable organisations and networks. Jordan’s ambition for The Palace is set in his belief in the power of mentoring and coaching through different mediums of art as tools for supporting vulnerable young people. Jordan’s been practicing ashtanga yoga for over ten years and will be leading classes at The Palace this summer.

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Sophia Kurmann
Workshop Director and Founder

Former professional footballer Sophia has now converted to circus performance as an aerial acrobat, hula hooping around the world. German born, she’s lived in Nigeria, Australia, and England and is now based in Berlin where she is currently developing her own start up; a performance network that connects artists, training spaces and job opportunities on an international level.

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Ed Mann
Development Director and Founder

London based, Ed works within the Programmes Team for a leading social integration charity. He has a passion for public health, having held roles within large organisations such as the World Health Organisation. Ed grew up in Switzerland and spends his spare time flying down mountains as a tandem paragliding pilot and teaching people to ski.

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