itchy fingaz

Itchy Fingaz.jpg

Tanya Wolfe and Ellie Walker both studied Fine Art at university and specialized in performance and sculpture. We realized that we both wanted to eliminate the notion of what is the right and wrong way of making and performing, something that often stunts creativity. We planned to do this through running various workshops in performance and craft. Itchy Fingaz is a platform which makes creativity accessible to all, there are many facets to setting up and putting on a devised performance piece and this means there are many roles available allowing each individual a chance to use their skill set or find there creative voice. We are the facilitators within this project, not the teachers and whilst we guide we are not there to overrule anyone’s visions, every voice is equally valid. The main goal of our project is to break down boundaries, building confidence and accelerating the creation of artistic madness. 

Itchy Fingaz will be leading a 3 part performance workshop over the residency and festival, working with found materials, costume design and character development.