The Palace is about bringing together a diversity of art forms, styles and influences to inspire one anothers own practice. Our music program is not one genre focused, but open to all. Last year we had classical, 80s pop revival, noise, gypsy, live electronic, techno, blues, afro beat and folk through an array of instruments, records and mechanisms of noise.

What we're looking for this year:

Residency: live music collaboration and fusions developed over the residential week, with the festival weekend as showcase opportunity for the work developed. To participate, please see Apply.

Festival: We want emerging, visceral, nitty gritty, funky shit; We want eclectic, polish, klezmer, classical fusions; We want yelping voices, jaggling bells and sizzling hot jazz. Whatever it is, we want to be inspired.  

At The Palace, there is no separation between audience and artist, the event itself is created through the contribution of those who enjoy it; 250 creative minds brought together with the sole purpose of meeting and collaborating.

We want our festival line-up to match this freshness and excitement. We aren’t necessarily looking for ‘names’ or polished acts, we’re more fluid and open-minded than that. We want raw creativity that will spark conversation and inspire.

Whether, you’re a seasoned performer or it’s your first foray into the sonic realm, everybody is welcome to apply. To participate in the festival (and not the residency) please contact Thea and Rosa. For more information, please get in touch!