Our Story


Four friends found themselves among a generation characterised by the rise of tuition fees, high rents, cuts to public services and creative industries. In these conditions they felt the opportunities available to young creatives were insufficient to allow a talented new generation to emerge. Figuring they weren't alone in their frustration, they considered what could be done by uniting with others and taking matters into their own hands…

Then they found Jim, Anna, 6 children and a 700 year old palace in southern Poland. Jim, a writer with a penchant for upcycling cars and antiques, and Anna, a multitasking mastermind behind the running of a royal guest house like none other. Living within a maze of barns, dungeons and derelict spaces, they were a perfect match for what the four friends had in mind. Luckily, Jim agreed to give it a go.

So the friends put out a message to artists, thinkers and makers of every kind from Barcelona to Berlin, the US to the UK to join the founding of a new community. Over a week, 130 creatives descended on The Palace to contribute, collaborate and play, beginning with a 5 day residency and ending with a carnival of creative celebration. Everyone was asked to contribute in some way, whether by teaching a class, building a set, cooking a meal or giving a performance: The Palace our communal project, the self as the tool.