I aim to create work that can act as part of a cyclical process; both socially integrated and sustainably mindful.


Fibres from a wild landscape

Consider the role of textile making and its relevance. Harvesting, spinning and weaving fabric through organic and technical age old practice demonstrates how we can all imagine and create in a way that can impact how we interact with the environment and each other. The context and practice out of which the fibre is formed demonstrates a dedication to a craft that is completely intertwined with the rhythm of daily life.

Storytelling emerges - communication with cloth 

Common to all cultures, and yet culturally specific textiles can connect people and place, enabling social groups to define themselves as a collective as well as allowing individuals to achieveautonomy. Exchange with crafts people and local suppliers encourages consideration of the value of creating, and how as a creator of things the lifecycle of every object should be accounted for.