Nearest airport: Wroclaw (1hour drive)

Nearest train station: Nysa (20 minute drive)

Taxi from airport costs approx €70 

Car Pool / Taxi Share: email to be added to car pool either if you are looking for a ride or can offer one.

Nearest airports / cities: Wroclaw (1.5 hours), Berlin (4 hours), Krakow (3 hours), Prague (3 hours), Vienna (4) Poznan (3 hours), Katowice (2.5 hours) Ostrava (2 hours), Warsaw (6 hours), Leipzig, Vienna, Dresden.

Public transport:

Getting to Wroclaw Airport via public transport on a Sunday is difficult. We recommend unless driving, people stay till Monday 24th (you will also regret missing the Sunday ball... ask people who came last year)


Sleeping Barn - For residency contributors only- two communal sleeping floors with mattresses and floor mats. * bring sleeping bag

Camping - Please bring a tent and bedding. Pre set up tents and bedding may be rented for an additional fee of €15 for the weekend. Email to book. 

Hotels and Air BnB - If you are with young children or would like a little more luxury than a tent, please give Jordan a message for alternative accommodation. There are 2 hotels available within 15 minute drive and Air BnB options in the town.


Showers and toilets on site. Kitchen access for residency attendees


Give Jordan a message at