Waste not want not 

'WASTE NOT, WANT NOT' is The Palace costume creation and communal fancy dress box. All costume materials are  'waste' collected throughout the year and festival from all and everyone.

WE DO NOT (did not, shall not) BUY A THING

why? you ask...

  • because we don't want to contribute to a fabric industry that produces so much waste

  • to cut out the buying bug and throwaway thrust that seems to have taken over the world   

  • to play with the possibilities and potential of things and stuff beyond their assigned use value

  • to enjoy the feeling when someone is wearing your old multi-coloured tap dress as a suave waistcoat

  • because of the creativity that is unleashed when thinking how to turn someone else's trash into your kinda treasure exciting

Throughout the year we ask all and everyone to collect, save, donate and hoard anything and everything they can imagine adorning themselves or a Palace-goer with. During The Palace there is a colourful cave in which all designs, inventions, styles and characters can be conjured up and tried out of the materials we have brought together.

If you would like to get involved with sustainable design, costume or fashion at The Palace, register your interest through our contributor application or send Rosa a message.